Instrument NameAvailableComments
Tousimis 815 - Critical Point DryerYes  Working.
JEOL JSM-7001 - SEMYes  working.
JEOL JIB-4500 - FIB SEMYes  Working.
JEOL JEM-2100FYes  Working
DeltaVision OMXYes  Working.
Kratos AXIS UltraYes  Working.
Bruker D8 AdvanceYes  Working. tesdt
Bruker S8 TigerYes  Working.
Leica EM UC6Yes  Working.
FEI Nova NanoSEM 450Yes  SEM is Working. EDS computer currently not working do to an computer install that is progress. estimated completion date unknown
XEI CombiClean Yes  Working.
Reichert Jung UltracutEYes  Working.
Cressington 108Yes  Working.
Cressington 108C AutoYes  Working.
Bruker di MultiMode VYes  Working.

Last Updated on 5/26/2019
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