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Axis Ultra DLD - X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer

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The Kratos Axis Ultra DLD is an X-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS) equipped with a magnetic immersion lens and charge neutralisation system with the spherical mirror and concentric hemispherical analyzers with the choice of either a Mg or Al anodes for high-sensitivity surface analysis. The instrument has a typical sampling depth of 2-10 nm and detection limit around 1 ppt (varies depending on element of interest). The hemispherical analyzer provides both high energy resolution and high sensitivity spectroscopic performance. The small spot capabilities of less than 15 microns are achieved via a series of selected area apertures used in combination with the magnetic and electrostatic lenses. In parallel imaging mode photoelectrons are transferred to the spherical mirror analyzer to produce real-time chemical state images with less than 3 microns spatial resolution. Also equipped with a monochromatic Ar+ source for surface etching. A typical operating pressures range from 10-9 to 10-8 torr is commonly used.

Room No :
CEM 106A

Primary Contact :
Andrew Clough
ajclough at usc dot edu

Secondary Contact :
Matthew Mecklenburg
matthew.mecklenburg at usc dot edu

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