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JEM-2100F Transmission Electron Microscope

This JEOL 2100F is a transmission electron microscope equipped with a high resolution pole-piece (HRP) and thermal field emission source. The point-to-point resolution is 230 pm in TEM mode and 160 pm in STEM mode. TEM Images can be acquired on either the Orius Pre-GIF camera or the Gatan UltraScan 1000 Post-GIF camera. STEM images can be acquired using a JEOL BF detector or the GIF's BF/ADF detectors. In addition to high resolution imaging, the microscope is equipped for both electron energy loss spectroscopy (Quantum SE GIF) and x-ray spectroscopy (Oxford X-MaxN 100 TLE Windowless SDD). Both single tilt (+/- 40 Degrees) and double tilt (+/- 40 Degrees, +/- 30 Degrees), holders are available.

Room No :
CEM 106F

Primary Contact :
Matthew Mecklenburg
matthew.mecklenburg at usc dot edu
(213) 740-1995

Secondary Contact :
Lang Shen
langshen at usc dot edu

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